Kevin David, How To Get FREE Traffic From YouTube

Published in Email Marketing, Videos on 24th October 2017
Kevin David, How To Get FREE Traffic From YouTube – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Kevin David is dominating YouTube as a free traffic source. He started with Amazon FBA and Facebook. He built a very successful Amazon business to the level others were begging them to teach him how. He has used FB groups to connect with and help thousands but the real ‘holy grail’ has been YouTube. He reveals the resources and tips he is using to get tens of thousands of views within a month or so. Best part is the long tail of YouTube and he teaches what you need to do to make that happen.

Show Notes:

-Kevin David from college to an accounting firm saw in himself that he wanted to be an entrepreneur

-Kevin agrees with all of us that creating a video of yourself is just awkward, but it’s necessary

-The traffic sources YouTube offers Kevin and why they worked for him

-Being trained by YouTube to learn to dominate YouTube

-Finding the questions, you need to answer to get people to search for your videos

-David’s bag of tricks of websites to add to your YouTube arsenal


“Without cataloging what you’re doing no one is ever going to possibly be able to react because nobody sees you.”

“My kind of mission and goal in life, and the mission of my YouTube channel, is to help all of those people who feel stuck and trapped in a job that they don’t like to break free and create the job and life they do want.”

“Truly YouTube, above all other platforms, provides the MOST organic traffic. All you have to do is a little upfront research about what people are searching for.”

“If you don’t believe in your product how can you ever expect somebody else to.”

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